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Host a screening 

Child, Disrupted is currently available to be shown in limited community screenings. This type of screening can include venues such as theatre rentals, community centers, schools, churches, libraries, corporate organizations, conferences, etc. 


To request information about booking a screening please fill out the form and we will work with you to make it happen. 


Request information: 

"We had the pleasure of screening Child, Disrupted at El Dorado Middle School in Concord, CA.  The film was a huge hit with our parents and students.  The process to screen the film was very smooth, and Krista (the filmmaker) was extremely supportive and responsive through the entire process. I would definitely recommend screening this film for your parents and students.  It gives a lot of insight into the impact of technology on the developing brains of young people.


This is a conversation that needs to take place in every school, at every grade level.


- Julie, Middle School Teacher 

Concord, California

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you soon to help you organize your screening.

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