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We’ve all seen it by now - children in restaurants staring at a tablet for the entire meal, or a parent handing their phone to a crying toddler in their stroller. It can be easy to judge the adults who make these choices, but are they really as bad as some say they are? 


Montessori teacher and filmmaker Krista Riihimaki observed her students at increasingly younger ages spending large amounts of time tied to digital devices. She couldn’t help but wonder whether there were any effects on their cognitive and physical development. She would advise parents of her students to limit device use, citing AAP guidelines and Common Sense Media, but she wanted to know just how much is technology overuse affecting children today? 


In "Child, Disrupted", Krista interviewed experts from the fields of neurological development, psychology, occupational therapy, sociology, and addiction, to reveal the truth behind her worries about screen time and child development. The film elucidates how time spent using technology specifically impacts children’s behaviors, and offers insight into how guardians can curb its influence while equipping children to develop healthy relationships with technology. 

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