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Thank you for attending a screening of Child, Disrupted. We want you to leave feeling empowered and hopeful about how to make positive choices around technology use for both yourself and your children. We have put together a list of resources and research articles to help you decide what healthy use of technology means for you.

Child, Disrupted Community Screening Resource List

Print-out of some resources to help you on your journey to find out more about information talked about in the film. 

Updated Feb 2, 2019

Resource Guide for Parents

Parenting Teens & Beyond: Navigating Parenting in a Digital World

Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. Deb Blum and Vickie Vann |

Therapists Toolkit

A Therapist’s Toolkit for Working with Parents of Teens in the Digital Age

Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved. Deb Blum and Vickie Vann |

This guide will walk you through how to establish and enforce your family’s Internet and social media rules and their use of devices which provide access to networks.

By Karen Hamilton, LMFT, CATC.

Great resource with an extensive list of useful resources for parents and educators. 
By Dave Eisenmann.


By Amy and Evelyn Guttmann | March 28, 2017

By Amy and Evelyn Guttmann | May 14, 2017

As part of Children and Screens’ ongoing support and curation of cutting-edge, objective, scientifically-rigorous interdisciplinary research, we invited nearly 140 preeminent experts from 10 different disciplines in 22 workgroups to compile the latest research on the effects of media on growth and development, cognition and mental health in toddlers, children and adolescents.

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